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What do I need to scrap a car?

You will need your valid state ID and a title in your name, car must be free of liens.  Call your local Title office for State Rules on Scrapping a car.  

Do you buy christmas tree Lights?

Yes, as long as they are not LED lights

Do you buy air conditioners?

Yes and we will help you unload them. 

How much can i get for my car?

You can search on the internet and get an approximate weight of your car, then call us for the current pricing.  

​​How to scrap a car and what you will need:

  • Valid drivers license or state ID.
  • Title needs to be in the scrappers name.
  • If the title is in your name and matches the name on your license or state ID, you can sign off title at our scale house when scrapping it.
  • We can not take half cars or trucks with out titles
  • If you have a derby car make sure you have title.  Keep vin number on the derby car intact in order to scrap it.  If we can not see the complete vin number we can not buy the car.  We must be able to match the vin number to the title.
  • If you are having a vehicle towed in:  If the seats or tanks are filled with water, you will be banned from the yard.
  • If you are wanting to keep batteries or tires off the vehicle, it is suggested they are removed before you arrive or have bolts loosened before you come in.  Let the scale house know you are taking these items off the vehicle, they must be on the trailer when you weigh out.  

If you're handicap or just have a hard time getting in and out of the car, when you come to Bates Recycling, drive onto our scale and honk your horn.  We will come out and assist you.  Also our employees will gladly unload your scrap for you.  

Some things you can not scrap.

Bates Recycling Inc.

When you first arrive at Bates Recycling Inc.  Pull onto the scale,  bring your valid state ID to our window.  We will get you started in the system and see what you are bring in and we will guide you where to go next.

The Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 4737 requires the following:

You must be 18 years or older with a valid Government issued ID
We are required to make a copy of your photo ID
We are required to record the following information:

Your Name and Address
Your Date of Birth
Your Identification Number on your ID
Your Vehicle License Plate Number and State

We must record the type and source of the scrap materials you are selling.
You must sign the receipt for your materials
You may sell only one (1) catalytic converter per day


  •  Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Wastes or their Containers
  • Intact and Pressurized Gas Cylinders and Propane Tanks
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Waste Paint, Chemicals, Solvents, or Pesticides
  • Asbestos-containing Materials
  • Intact Tanks or other Closed Containers
  • Mercury-containing Materials
  • Hover Boards

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​​We pick up Scrap Cars!

Bates Recycling Inc.

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